In:Deep Music 5 Years Anniversary Labelnight & Phlage BDay Bash

IN:DEEP Music is very excited to announce that it's celebrating it's 5th anniversary in 2019! The Journey up to this point has been a wild and satisfying ride that has taken over 60 artists from more than 30 different countries worldwide into its upstreaming current!

The adoration for the music that is Drum and Bass has only grown stronger over the years and is constantly gaining strength in versatility as more and more people are noticing the power and the sheer endless possibilities that this genre yields. Full steam ahead from now on! Let's get IN:DEEP!

DRUM & BASS im Weberknecht
SOUND SYSTEM by Lambda Labs

► Vince Grain
► Synged
► Bowsar
► Breakpitt
► Tuff Gee
► Carter
► Phlage

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