Identity/2020: Ritual

What does identity mean when everything goes away? Can a modern person with a super-individual identity participate in a ritual that requires the abandonment of ego and identity for the sake of the environment, ritual, other people? What is the relationship between individuality and avoidance of environmental (and more) issues? How do modern people feel in nature? What is a modern person like and how does she feel in society?

We invite exhibition guests to leave their personalities aside and face the difficult questions of wider reality through ritual.

7-15.10 Group exhibition
Opening evening: 7.10 6-10 PM
Artists: Akvilė Magicdust, Ūla Šveikauskaitė, ABran, Zigmantas Kalibatas, Trafik, Apeiron Thearter

10.10 6-10 PM Music performance/DJ-Set
Artists: DJ $TOCKER, Patricia Kokett, Mariah Doesn't Carey, Welia
Location: Palanga Street Radio, Improper Walls and online

Supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture, Stadt Wien, Global Lithuania, Embassy of Lithuania in Vienna, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania

Vergangene Termine