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Hypnotic Floor + Magic Shoppe + Johnny & The Rotten + Liquid Earth

Ultraviolence Records proudly presents

Hypnotic Floor
Vienna | neo psych
Hypnotic Floor combines different sounds from different genres, but if you like King G or The dolly Rocker Movement, you will love HF! They'll release their new upcoming record "Foggy Bog Eyes"!

Magic Shoppe
USA | neo psych | hypnotic reverb rock
They have offered up their own concoction of shoegaze-y, dark and heavy psychedelia on four EPs and three full-length albums across an eight-year period. Now they'll be back with a new upcoming record "Circles"!

Johnny & The Rotten
Linz | garage psych | surf
Imagine The Beach Boys having weird, dirty, sweaty sex with Sonic Youth and their baby turns out to be an angry punk that doesn‘t give a fuck about the dos and don‘ts of how to behave as a band. They'll be on tour with their new upcoming record!

Liquid Earth
Vienna | heavy psych | stoner
Heavy stoner doom meets funky psychedelic rock. You probably already know them and if not, go for it!

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