Hype! mit AishaE + Band, Cyrill Khan, clio em

Entry 5€ starting early at 20:00 sharp, so anyone can catch the last UBAHN

AishaE is a singer, an actress and a dancer. In the last three years, she has produced electronic music underscored by breakbeats, soul and jazz elements on piano, violin, harp, and human beatbox. Combined with compelling visuals, her music tells its own story.
AishaE's debut album released on the viennese label URBAN LEGENDS Records, entitled "Starchild", features 16 original compositions and guests stars various guest musicians. It can only be described as "Space Funk".
Combining music of the 70's and 90's, melding funk and house music, it provides the image of Futurism.
A loungey Nu Jazz experience accompanied by Aisha's unique, classically trained voice, highlights an experience deeply rooted in jazz, soul, and the blues.

AishaE: Vocals/keys, RoMy - Bass, Julian Preuschl - Trump/FX, Eldis La Rosa Monier - Flute/Sax, Aron Werner - Drums, Carolina Mazalesky - Violin

Cyrill Khan:
Cyrill Khan is a musical project dedicated to collarboration with artists from many different backgrounds, seeking progression and perspective in a time of steady acceleration.
Understanding music as a fludium, something which can't be catched but only be perceived in the flow of time, they decided to leave the audience only with an imprint of what has been, giving every moment it's precious elegance.
Ilkhan and Cyrill did not come together to stay in one place, but to challenge themselves in an open form of musical articulation.

clio em:
Clio Em is a creative working with words and sound. Drawing from her experience as a classical composer and opera singer, Clio’s distinct crossover style fuses elements of pop, folk, classical, and electronic genres that blend together into an arresting whole. Born and raised in Alberta, Clio now calls many places in the galaxy home, Canada and Europe among them.
With renowned operatic soprano Anne Wieben on supporting vocals and classical soloist Miriam Adefris on harp.

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▵ acoustically | visually | interplanetary ▵


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