Helena Eribenne - Killing Time

Opening speech by Father George Elsbett at 7pm on timelessness and eternity from a Christian perspective.

Artist and academic Helena Eribenne was born in London to Nigerian parents. From theatre to music and directing to photography, Helena Eribenne has been engaged on a professional level in all of these areas. Since living in Vienna, she has had the honour to perform with legendary Fluxus co-founder Benjamin Patterson in Wiesbaden and New York and has collaborated with musicians Franz Pomassl, owner of the music label Laton, and Discozma who are musicians Didi Neidhart and Alois Huber. She is featured vocalist on the forthcoming release of Acid House artist A Jackin’ Phreak. Most recently, she has teamed up with Kristoffer Stefan who’s evolving structures have formed part of the stage design of her performances. Helena Eribenne’s themes focus on time travel, timelessness and eternity.

Father George Elsbett is a catholic priest whose main focus and specialisations are in the field of "Theology of the Body", the finding of vocations and the renewal and modernisation of parishes and communities. Since 2014 he has been collaborating in various projects in the field of contemporary art. Today he is the director of the John Paul II Centre in Vienna and is the regional director for the religious community of the Legionaries of Christ and the apostolate movement Regnum Christi in Austria.

In the role of the character from “Killing Time – The Performance”, Helena Eribenne shall be playing an Angel called Tyche (roman goddess of Chance) from Eternity in this photo series, “Killing Time - The Exhibition". The photographs were taken somewhere in the woods of Lower Austria where there is a rundown but magical beauty and charm despite their broken down state.
Also to be exhibited shall be bottles of a certified magical elixir, a snake oil called “Time Suspension”. They are available in a limited edition of 50.

There is also an opportunity to participate in this show; members of the public are invited to donate an object that has tied them to either the past or the future in a time capsule. In doing so, a commitment to remain in the present is made. Visitors therefore are also the exhibitors.
Text: Helena Eribenne

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