Hedda and her Husband George, have recently moved from Vienna, to Chelsea, London.
During the first morning in their new home, Tara, a former student of George, turns up unexpectedly; bringing the news that Eliot is in town.

The arrival of Tara and Eliot, shakes Hedda from her detachment just long enough, to catch a glimpse into what makes her tick. Three years have passed since they were all in the same
room together, and a lot has changed. Their shared history however, has not! Over the course of the next twenty-four hours, the past is dug up, plans are altered, and in Hedda's desperate search to witness "an act of spontaneous courage", and "something of unconditional beauty", only one outcome becomes clear... but you can't ask someone to do something for you, if it can only be done by yourself!

von Alan Burgon
inspiriert von Henrik Ibsens "Hedda Gabler"
(in englischer Sprache)

Es spielen:
Maria LOHN (Hedda), Noud HELL (George), Tom MIDDLER (Eliot), Julia C. THORNE (Tara)
Regie: Alan BURGON
Bühnenbild: Eric LOMAS
Kostüme: Maria KREBS
Produktionsleitung: Paul ELSBACHER
Abendspielleitung: Gabriel GEBER
Foto: Hannah NEUHUBER

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