Halloween Hangover - Imperial Madness

Imperial Madness -the club, presented by Jacques Patriaque, combines Boylesque and Burlesque acts, electronic party music and well a RuPaul's Drag Race Super Star!

In our fast moving world the mixing and clashing of different styles arouse most and for all the need for individuality and – at the same time – for “good old values” a long way off stereotyped thinking. History and culture generate creativity, a revival of tradition and skillfully pushes even the boundaries of our modern times.


Kitty Willenbruch (VIE) Mr. Gorgeous (USA)

Evilyn Frantic (FIN) GoGo Gadget (USA)

Tamara Mascara (VIE)

Host & Meet and Greet after Show:

Detox (USA - season 5 of RuPaul's Drag Race)


DJ Pure

DJ Alessandro Caruso


Chaya Fuera
Kandlgasse 19-21
1070 Vienna

Vergangene Termine

  • Sa., 01.11.2014


    VVK - Sick'ning Ticket €12.-
    (only 150 tickets starting sept. 06th till oct. 01st)

    VVK - Throwing Shade Ticket €13.-
    (only 150 tickets starting oct. 02nd till oct. 19th)

    AK - Back Rolls - Ticket €15.-

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