Halloween: Amanita meets Animal Instinct

Amanita startet, hoffentlich mit vielen von euch, in den Herbst.


▇ Isometric (GloOm Music / Catar Records) ES/AT

The Music spectrum of this Live project is focused in groovy, funky, intelligent night time music. Ranging from 148 to 160 bpms. From now on he played his live set and dj sets in countrys like India, Spain, Portugal, Germany, UK, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

▇ Praheya (Banyan Rec.) AT/BGR

The aim of the project ´Praheya´ is to create a space with sounds where it is easier to experience higher states of consciousness and union with ´all that is´, as well as to bring the human body and mind to a more natural and healthy state of being.


▇ Naradha (Banyan Rec.) AT

▇ Arya Tara (Independent) BGR

▇ Nebokad (Mouju Records) DE

▇ Squirrel (Squamata/Mouju/Voodoo Hoodoo Rec) DE


Nebokad's Dream

& Freemarie

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