GreyNote presents Monophobe & B.Ranks

The GreyNote kru continues their journey @Forum Stadtpark with sonic waves from the future, this time introducing not one but two talented musicians: Monophobe and B.Ranks! Both acts approach music within their own modern way, leaving an austrian footprint in the scene.

Monophobe just released his new 6 track EP at PRRRRRRR Records, called “Screw Drivers”, presenting harmonious and kittenish beats to beam listeners into outer space within seconds. Carefully crafted synth-lines with extraordinary modulations, effect-chains, beautifully syncopated drums and trippy samples make the listening experience of this EP memorable. Monophobe is truly on the edge of futuristic electronic dance music.

B.Ranks has been spreading vibes in all forms and shapes since around 2010. Currently part of the BLVZE crew, which made a serious impact in Vienna’s Grime and Bass-music environment. His mixtapes blend various styles of music together like they were made for each other, making him a perfect second act for this sound clash!

Join us to make it another wikked happening with music that hasn't found a place at our beloved city of Graz. Let the sounds of Future Beats, Juke, Halfbeat, Dubstep, Jungle and Hip-Hop tickle your eardrums in a post fusion way.


⫸ Monophobe
Prrrrrrr / shash || AT

⫸ B.Ranks
BLVZE/ Klub Sir3ne || AT

⫸ Sun People
Sub.FM || AT

⫸ alllone GreyNote/noise collage || AT

⫸ APLOT Tiefparterre/GreyNote || AT

⫸ Dotworks GreyNote/Basstrace || AT

To set a sign, we open the door and invite everybody to party together in harmony and unison. There´s no space - and time - for sexism, racism, homophobia, antisemitism, fascism or any other kind of discrimination!

Stay grey not blue!

Fee: 5 - 10 (pay as you can)
Entry: 23:00 - 06:00
Location: Forum Stadtpark

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