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GosT + Kryptomorph

„Not to be confused with skeleton mask-wearing Swedish metal band Ghost, skeleton mask-wearing American solo project GosT specializes in bridging extreme metal with the more synthetic tones of darkwave, dance, and classic horror soundtracks. Like labelmate Perturbator, its black-metal-meets-Moroder sound is sleek, energetic, and very catchy, propulsive enough to compel the stodgiest of underground metal fans to dance rather than mosh.“ - Spin Magazine


Kryptomorph from Nibiru has come a long way to bring secret knowledge and dark synthwave from galaxies far away to humanity. In the studio as well as during live ceremonies he is supported by guest musicians ‐ saxophone players adding 80s vibes to the compositions, making you revel in nostalgia while devoted singers are sacrificing their soul to the art. Kryptomorphs debut LP „Magickal Desire“ is a work in progress and will be released soon.

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