Pop / Rock

Gorilla / Sunstain / Mother Morgana

ne of the last bands standing from the original stoner wave of the 1990’s, Gorilla are now proud to be part of the Heavy Psych family!

Formed in the late 90’s by Sarah Jane and Johnny Gorilla, Gorilla have relentlessly delivered their own brand of “Fck the safety net” heavy rock’n’roll, either on previous records - Gorilla-maximum riff mania, Gimme Some….and Rock Our Souls - or kicking out the jams live at Roadburn, Desert Fest, Metal Brew, with the likes of FuManchu, Nebula, Colour Haze, Orange Goblin, Bang, Firebird, Hawkwind, The Groundhogs , Leafhound, The Heads, Blue Cheer and many others.
Gorilla have never faultered from their mission to deliver hard’n’heavy, straight from the heart non-bullsh
t rock, and, rest assured, they NEVER WILL!!!


"Thrill And Fever" handelt vom Kampf um das Loslassen - frei zu sein von den Dingen die
einen runterziehen. Sei es eine verblassende Beziehung ("Down On Our Luck"), die
derzeitige politische Lage im Land ("New Messiah") oder das ganz alltägliche Leben mit all
seinen Höhen und Tiefen. Vom Wiederholen der eigenen Fehler ohne daraus schlauer zu
werden und den Exzess als Alltagsflucht - “the thrill. the fever. the bitter pill”

Mother Morgana
When I last checked the main antenna,
I noticed some extremely disturbing
Guitar licks from behind the Orion Nebula
A voice and keyboard diving up in harmony from a boiling blue ocean
A bassline bouncing and jumping
on the pillars of reality and a
mighty beat that warps steadily
through matter and time..
Where do this frequencies originate from? And why can I analyze them, but not understand. Even more so: Why can't I silence them?...

Vergangene Termine