Glowing Records Label-Night #4 presents::: Feinz Hischer / Glowing Eyes / Mitnick / Stoma

Line Up:___

21:45 ▲ Feinz Hischer (Instrumental Live Electronic)

Feinz Hischer ist ein instrumentales Live-Electronic-Trio, bestehend aus Schlagzeug, Synthesizern und Gitarre. Von technoiden Beats, über treibende Bässe bis hin zu sphärischen Ausflügen in statischen Arrangements, spielen die drei im Jazz sozialisierten Musiker repetitive, elektronische Clubmusik.


23:30 ▲ Glowing Eyes (Live-dnb/electronica/hiphop)

are smashing genre borders, blitzing ears and melting faces!
This 4-headed band create a distinctive sound to dance to and to get lost in their accoustic maelstrom. They have toured this year a lot and are happy to celebrate their last concert this year @ Kramladen. Name it a so called "X-mas-special-concert" with some new tracks which they are going to reveal...


00:45 ▲ Mitnick (dark dnb/neurofunk/liquid)

Mitnick is a Drum & Bass producer, who released an incredible EP this year on Glowing Records:::

Mitnick´s "The Daleks" EP is his tribute to as he describes it.. "the best SciFi TV show ever made: Doctor Who by BBC. Since I've seen the first Episode till today I love this show and one of my most favourite enemies of Doctor Who are the Daleks." With the tracks "The Daleks Are Coming" and "The Daleks Are Dead" he tried to construe the endless war between the doctor and his most dangerous enemies in a musical way. "The Daleks" EP brings you 2 chapters of Mitnick´s musical way of story telling. 2 more chapters are still open!


01:45 ▲ Stoma (dnb/liquid/tech-house)




21:00 ▲ Warm Up

VVK: 3,- € (wienXtra)
AK: 5,- € 22:00

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