All Roads lead to Nu Forms Festival 2017!


MAZTEK (Eatbrain)
MALUX (Get Hype, Bad Taste)


MC Daxta
MC Steezy

BEGINN: 23:00

Italian-born DnB artist MAZTEK represents the nano-fine edge of the Neurofunk scene. His considered and weighty manifesto through his ‘ThreePointZero’ LP represented one of the last significant releases on Renegade Hardware before the label announced its closure – with Maztek left of one of the defining bookmarks at the end of the label’s epic history. His touring schedule is relentless, with Maztek hitting all of the major
European DnB festivals and clubs, in addition to touring the US and Canada. This is an artist gilding the world in a layer of sleek technology, a true modern pioneer of Drum and Bass.

MALUX is the dnb moniker of respected bass music pioneer SKOPE, with years of production experience behind him and a rich imagination, rendering him capable of exquisite audio manipulation and diverse funk aesthetics. Malux achieved a huge amount in the first year of the project’s existence, launching with a pair of exceptionally powerful tracks – TURBINE / FONK on the legendary BAD TASTE RECORDINGS, before delivering an set of finely tuned releases with the UKF supported RUBIX on INSPECTED and POWERCUBE on Prolix’s TRENDKILL label. With regular radio support from FRICTION and NOISIA, it wasn’t long before interest grew further with Noisia themselves commissioning SHYLOCK for their INVISIBLE imprint and CAUSE4CONCERN putting Malux on remix duties for their timeless track DEAD BEAT, along with fresh single FALSE.
With his joining of the METHLAB collective, Malux deepened the connection with the release of the twisted and impactful BEGIN on their REVENANT LP, as well as CLONE on TERMINAL (BAD TASTE – EATRAIN – METHLAB). He also gained the accolade of being of the few artists to remix BILLAIN with the his reinterpretation of MANIFOLD for Bad Taste. His collaborative project with CRISSY CRISS and ERB N DUB saw them remixing TC’s NEXT HYPE, which was nominated as a contender for Drum&BassArena’s remix of the year, as well as launching a pair of tracks on leading label RAM RECORDS PROGRAM sublabel and TECHNOLOGY on NEOSIGNAL. With his upcoming release on Prototype´s Get Hype Imprint he´s one to watch for 2017

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