Als Frank, Leiter einer Gruppe exzentrischer Artisten, uner- wartet stirbt, ist es um die Zukunft des Zirkus schlecht bestellt. Handelt es sich bei dem verwaisten Baby, das eines Tages vor dem Caravan gefunden wird, um Franks Reinkarnation?

Englisch/Original: A group of eccentric, troubadours travel from town to town in their mobile home, performing (rather badly), for anyone who will stand still long enough. After the sudden death of Frank, their Patriarch, the group are left bereft and unsure of what the future holds. When an abandoned baby is left at the door of their wooden caravan in the middle of nowhere, their Matriarch (the Bearded Lady), believes it is indeed the re-incarnation of her husband, Frank, who passed too unexpectedly.

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