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Fragility of Sounds Lecture Series

For an exchange across disciplines and cultures, the FOS Lecture Series brings together composers, performers, musicians, scientists and researchers, in order to investigate into terrains such as the fragility and interdependency of sound, membranes and surfaces, filters and transitions. We look into movement, space, and the body in connection with music theatre and electronic music, as well as into society and environment, identity and gender in the context of composing. These multiple fields contribute to the vast landscape of music theatre today. In this series, we understand music theatre in the widest sense of the term: music theatre is sound moving in, through, or with space and time. Music theatre is a collaborative process that necessitates co-operation and collaboration.

Germán Toro Pérez
Instability and Contingency.
Some thoughts about the performance of live electronic music.

Paola Bianchi
ELP – An artistic research project

The Lecture and Discussion is in English.

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