Welcome to our next episode of Fr33Tekno in Salzburg - Free Party 4 Free People!

...we do it because we still believe that Tekno should be free for everybody to keep the original spirit.


Teknonaut (VIE) LIVE

NoizeGuerilla (LNZ) LIVE

Wetz.Noerk (IFUM / VIE) LIVE

Pete Carnage (UK)

Azratek (Patchwork / Rabbit Army / SZG)

BandBreit23 (Patchwork / Salty Tribe / SZG)

S.A.M. (Patchwork / VIE) LIVE

2nd Floor:

Cywacror (Patchwork / SZG)

more info soon...

free donation @ entry = support your local underground.

public transport > Bus 23 from Salzburg mainstation to Hannakstr.

legal location - pls respect
no fights, no drugs, no bullshit
18+ only

Vergangene Termine