░ Femininity and Humor ░

As an accompaniment to the exhibition project DEMYSTIFYING FEMININITY, we will host one evening of live performances in various forms: stand-up comedy, poetry slam, music, dance... aimed at uncovering the lighthearted side of the topic “what is femininity?”

When we asked people what comes to mind when they think of femininity, many had quite serious answers. That's cool. This, however, is not the evening for that. Lighten up. Listen to some jokes. Listen to some beautiful words. Listen to the keyboard; let it take you on a magical journey to a land where you're not sure why you took things so seriously before. No, you will not be on drugs, you will be experiencing our amazing line-up of performers! They will make you smile and enlighten your brain. Join us!

Line up:

  1. Alice Reichmann

  2. Anna-Lena Obermoser

  3. Towander Flagg

  4. Kit S Trophy

  5. Julischka Stengele, Azra, Pato Wiesauer, and Lau Lukkarila


  1. Dutzi Ijsenhower

  2. Denice Bourbon

  3. Toller & Tallis

  4. Veza Maria Fernandez Wenger

Performances in English and German, up to 10min each

Special "toilet installation" by:
Karine Blanche & Laura Mosquera

Organized and curated by: Elizabeth Spouse

Graphic design by: Andrea Scharf

Vergangene Termine