Femdex Bootcamp #12: Vinyl

Femdex will provide a regular safe space to learn, share and extend DJ skills for women, transgender and non-binary people. Furthermore the events shall serve as an ally network - a get together to share music, skills, thoughts and ideas.

Welcome to the femdex bootcamp!

This time the workshop focuses on the basis of mixing with vinyls and is run by Misonica.
All skill levels are welcome! Equipment and music is provided but please also bring your own records if you can.

To register please write a quick introduction of yourself and why you would like to attend to [email protected] Each time we can only host a limited amount of people so that we can cater individual needs optimally. Therefore please only write us if you surely know you can make it on January 30, 6 pm.

We ask for a small donation of 5 euros but if you are not able to pay this amount please let us know and we will find a solution.

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