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Fem*Friday #13 mit Kerosin95 & Tony Renaissance

Fem*Friday - a project putting a spotlight on exceptional female* musicians and artists.

Concerts / Artist Talk with
Kerosin95 & Tony Renaissance
Kerosin95 plays with the uncomfortable and creates socially critical noise. They speak out against sexism in everyday life, questions prosperity and one's own privileges and makes queer* identities visible. In their music, beats are used without restriction - from boom bap to trap to the experimental.
Tony Renaissance’s liquid emotional landscapes seduce the listener to pursue a queer and dynamic utopia. Their instrumentations are playful: here an angelic voice slips over somber beats and mystical sound-collages, a dizzy synthesizer pulses with the possibilities of an orchestral underscore.

Entry: € 15,-
Tickets available at Sargfabrik.at

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