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Feathered Coyote Records present: Sounds Of The Waxing Light

Teamforest is Philipp Bückle from Dortmund, Germany. Since quite a few years he releases on international acclaimed labels as Morr Music, Eglantine Records or his own Tarkovsky Green. His music spans a wide range from electronics to folk to noise to whatever. Philipp Bückle has collaborated, among others, with Nils Quak, Monolyth & Cobalt, Charles Eric Charrier and Karen Vogt of Heligoland. Basically he is always searching for new gateways between electronic and acoustic music. Sometimes he even finds them.
http://teamforest.bandcamp.com/ !

Guitarist Eric Arn and his Primordial Undermind collective have tirelessly mined the nether regions of avant-rock for two decades. Before the Undermind, he cut his teeth in Connecticut’s shadowy basement psych legends, the Crystalized Movements.
Since settling in Vienna, Austria in 2005, Eric has continued with the Undermind as well as playing solo, in duos with Stefan Kushima/Cruise Family and Vanessa Arn, as a member of the Vienna Improvisors Orchestra, Tempel Solaire/Tempel Lunaire, the Magic Carpathians, Marco Eneidi’s Nenuvi Orchestra, and the Vienna Improvisers Orchestra.
His first solo album, ‘Points of Fissure’ was released in April 2013 on Feathered Coyote. !

A pulsating organism of improvised accidents producing unforeseen carcrashes with the stumbling rhythm of barking dogs, savages messing with electrified sounds, a musical landscape that controlls the musicians like puppets on strings, puppets watching their hands move in amazement, not understanding the music the play, the feverish excitement and joy of indispensable and untamed failure.
https://tornadovictory.bandcamp.com/ !

BIRD PEOPLE are a drone band formed in 2010 by Uli Rois. Solo and in various line-ups Rois has since explored different forms of extended tone music, often influenced by American and European folk music traditions and Hindustani music.
Currently Bird People perform as a duo consisting of Uli Rois and Royl Culbertson III.
https://soundcloud.com/bird-people !

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