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Fauno Pera, Hünzo, Toruń

FAUNO PERA (Budapest)
Fauno Pera is the most exciting experimental band in Budapest. The power trio complemented by the dazzling sound of a trumpet showcases an astonishingly wide palette of creativity, freely utilizing intricate rhythms to create the most rambunctious soundscapes conceivable. The group is notorious for its energetic performances as well as their sophisticated use of the theremin and the craziest analog effect, both brought into play to introduce a previously unknown side of each instrument.
https://www.soundcloud.com/fauno-pera !

HÜZÜN (Berlin)
The first apparition of the term "Hüzün" occurs in 224 BC in Mesopotamia on a found suicide parchment written in Sanskrit. Then we lose its trail until the 9th century in Japan, where a spanish Jesuit reports in his notes Hearing distinctly and repetitively "Hüzün" shouted by a wizard during a ceremony while he was being eaten. After this, it spreads all over the world, and we can find tracks from Hüzün in various places and times, such as the icelandic and norwegian mythology, the Weimar Constitution, whispered in Dogon tribe, shouted in Alexandria's celebrations, it's a character in a J.L.Borges lost story and there's even a street named "Hüzün" in the middle of the Black Forest in Germany.



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