ESN Erasmus Welcome Party: Bad Taste

OK, so here’s the thing: You don’t know us and we don’t know you! Maybe you’re cool, maybe we’re dorks, who knows. But let’s make this game of charades a bit more interesting. You know how at the beginning of almost every teenage movie the main character desperately tries to make a good first impression at their new school and most of the time they fail. You are that character now. SO WELCOME TO GRAZ!

(Having seen those movies) We know how intimidating such a new start can be. That’s why we are going to make it super easy for throwing a big BAD TASTE WELCOME PARTY. This way nobody has to feel out of place (except those who are not there).

So if there is this one pair of yellow shorts with pink ducks on it that you’ve always been wanting to show but never dared to, be assured that this is a very good opportunity. So come on over to the Postgarage on the 09th of October and start your semester in Graz with the fashion equivalent of a BIG BANG!

And don’t be a cry baby, just do it!

Funk / Disco / Pop / Electronica
Einlass: 10:00 pm
Eintritt: Admission:
2 € with ESN Card BEFORE 11:30 pm
7 € without ESN card and after 11:30 pm

Free welcome shots for the first 100 having (and showing) bad taste

Vergangene Termine