Escape the City Promo Party - Munchies Soundsystem

This time we'll have the mighty Munchies Soundsystem outta Istriyard/CRO in Club 1019 !

People of soundsystem culture!

This summer Munchies Sound System host their festival "Escape the City" on the seaside of Croatia again - so we bring the vibes, the tunes and the sunny feeling to Vienna and want to celebrate, dance and chant with you, while waiting for the winter to pass and the festival season to start!

If you're not sure about what to do in summer and you're sick of giant capitalistic and commercial festivals - check out this one - it's gonna be a great time with light, love & unity.
And this is for sure: They will have a great tune selection of roots 'n'killa steppa vibes left to play on their sound system.

Furthermore, Conscious Soldiers from Czech Republic will play some of the sweetest tunes from their selection.

This get-together will take place in our likkle fox den - Club 1019 - with a "garden" for the smokers in the back.

Doors: 21:30 - 5:00
Support: 5-10€

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