For the next 'Nacht der Entkunstung' we are really excited to have the support of Deniz Altun - Live and Inou Ki Endo.

Deniz is pure Punk, Metal, Dark Wave, Gabba, Love and Ghetto underground. However, his Sound-Landscapes and secret House à la Chicago productions are State-Of-The-Art!

Let’s see how is he going to perform, but no matter the equipment – hardware, computer or even smartphone – he likes to take risks in order to deliver a great sound experience.

On the other hand, we are really glad to finally have the sound of Inou Ki Endo, who's definitely a great connoisseur and selector, someone really active in the electronic music scene in Vienna.

She can easily create a set full of 'détournements', and that's what we really like about her style: from Experimental and Drone sounds to Industrial and Techno.


Deniz Altun - Live | Perpetua Records | AT
Inou Ki Endo | Struma + Iodine | AT
Adorno | Entkunstung | AT

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