English Mondays

English Mondays is an evening of English and Irish theater, music, performance and discussion directed at, but not exclusively for the English speaking community of Vienna.

Noëmi Steffen & Jesse Inman are consistently celebrating English language culture with English Mondays: staged readings of contemporary plays, recent short stories, emerging comedy, live Skype concerts from the island... accompanied by tea, cider, crisps & Guinness. English Mondays is a performance and meeting location for expats and other friends of Anglo-Saxon culture and offers the opportunity to meet new, little-known artists in an intimate setting. For example last year there were actor and musician Dylan Tighe from Dublin or Welsh author Thomas Morris, as well as director and author Dick Walsh and musician Derrick Devine.

Noëmi Steffen, born in Switzerland, living in Dublin, and Jesse Inman, ensemble member of Schauspielhaus with English roots, are the hosts of this English language evening in collaboration with guests from Ireland and Great Britain.

7 »Work in Progress«

by Petra Pandora Freimund & Owen Clark

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