English Comedy Night

February show was sold out! Get ready for more laughter in March! This time on the stage next to Dave Thompson the two Dominics: Holland & Frisby. Don´t miss it!

  • Dominic Holland -
    A professional comedian, awards host, conference host, presenter, author and after dinner speaker with vast television and radio appearances.
    With countless television and radio appearances, Dominic’s quick wit and accessible material allows him to tour the UK constantly and establish himself as a firm fixture on the business entertainment circuit also.
    ‘A comedian who makes you feel glad to be alive‘ - The Guardian

  • Dominic Frisby -
    Financial writer, comedian, actor of unrecognized genius and voice of many things.
    ʻViciously funny and inventive, a near-rapturous response – Frisby is a comic catch.’ - The Guardian
    ‘The quality of his material was uniformly outstanding … There was not a dull moment while he was on stage, and I look forward to seeing him again.‘ - BBC.co.uk

  • Dave Thompson -
    Dave Thompson has performed his stand-up comedy act in over thirty-five countries and counting. He’s best known as the actor inside the Tinky Winky costume in the world-famous TV show 'Teletubbies'. If you think that show was weird, wait until you see Dave live on stage!
    ʻDave Thompson has a unique style and some of the best one-linersʻ. - The Guardian

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