Diverse Musik

Ellen D.

I couldn't stop listening! Propelled by the voice, the message and the wonderful musical talents of all the musicians.

'Save My Soul' is a powerful combination of music and lyrics creating a refreshing spiritual jazz experience. Ellen d's deep messages within her musical heart brought to exquisite heights by composer and arranger Manuel Brandtner. Such a diverse stylistic fusion of classical flavours and jazz classic grooves which surprised me as each new song began, all the way to the last plea to Mother Earth.

This is a sweet collaboration of heart and soul. The kind of connection that lifts and pulls at your emotional strings bringing tears of joy and longing. Thank you Manuel Brandtner for being the talent you are in composition and arranging. Thank you to all the musicians involved for their sensitive incredible expertise! Thank you ellen d. for being brave and vulnerable to speak to our hearts and inspire us! (Leila Thigpen)

Ellen D.: vocals
Manuel Brandtner: piano
Stefan Pista Bartus: bass
Herwig Gradischnig: saxophone
Andreas Giesa: cello
Klemens Marktl: drums
Chor der Praxismittelschule-Strebersdorf Vienna

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