Dubwise #11 w/ Dreadlions

United we stand, once again! At the dance we can shake off the trouble and stress from our routine life and give our heads a free spin :D The shaman casts his spell, the sound system works as a medium to transduce his spiritual energy and finally brings all moods and lifeforms to a high frequency vibration.

For this edition, we‘re proud to present:

Reggae Band

Sie spielen sowohl eigene Kompositionen als auch Klassiker der jamaikanischen Offbeat Musik. Sie verbinden dabei Elemente aus Dub, Reggae, Jazz und sorgen für einen ausgelassen Vibe auf ihren Konzerten.

DreadLions with their
Zion Warriorz Soundsystem

The young Roots, Reggae & Dub collective, situated in Upper Austria (Mühlviertel), run their own event series in Freistadt as well as having spearheaded this year's Hills of Eden festival. Founded in 2016, their core philosophy is to spread love and unity to the world with word, sound and power!


Your fellow hosts, always on the quest for the nicer tunes and the better sound.

Althanstraße 14, 1090
U4/6 Spittelau

Entry: 5€

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