Dub Special #2 with Iration Steppas

Club Spielplatz & Shalamanda Hifi präsentieren Dub Special #2 - Roots Rock Reggae/Dub.


➽ Iration Steppas - Longside Macky Banton

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➽ Shalamanda HiFii

➽ Kinetical

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Iration Steppas

Iration Steppas was originally set up by Mark Iration as a sound system in Leeds, where he played the latest sounds at blues dances, clubs and parties. With a posse of like-minded individuals Iration toured the country absorbing various sounds. With Papa Sam, the sound initially performed under the name Ital Rockers Hi Fi. Notable influences were Jah Shaka and Jah Tubby. Iration acknowledged that he was amazed by Jah Tubby’s collection of original dub plates when he secured his first acetates. A sound system clash in Leeds against Jah Shaka resulted in praise from the legendary soundman, encouraging Iration to continue in the business. In 1993, Iration linked up with Dennis Rootical (under the guise of Kitachi), performing the leftfield dope beat sound. Live appearances by the duo were greeted with enthusiasm, playing festivals and clubs around the UK. They are also acknowledged as being the first to utilize DAT recordings of their own tunes at the High Rise studio in Leeds and to mix them live. With Jack Rouble joining the group, their reputation grew and Iration Steppas released the classic ‘Scud Missile’ in 1993. The single was met with enthusiasm and demand led to the discomix being re-pressed three times before eventually being deleted. The initial hit was followed by the equally popular 12-inch discomix, ‘Mystical Warrior’. Acclaimed by the media as Jah Shaka’s ‘enlightened offspring’, they followed the hit with two 10-inch releases, ‘Reminiscence Dub’ and ‘Killimanjaro’ both of which were featured on their debut album. As Kitachi they released three dope beat singles, ‘Spirit’, ‘Scratch Remix’ and ‘Heavyweight’. The new wave of dub followers can also discover many specials recorded for a variety of 90s-style dub compilations, including Macro Dub Infection, Dubhead Volumes One and Two, Club Meets Dub and Dope On Plastic.

Shalamanda HiFi

Die Inspiration und Motivation hat zum richtigen Zeitpunkt die richtigen Menschen im Leben zusammengeführt. Das Kollektiv aus Künstlern wie sie unterschiedlicher nicht sein könnten, war der Grundstein für Shalamanda HiFi so wie es heute als unabhängiges Dub und Roots Reggae Soundsystem besteht.

Die im Jahr 2006 erstmals organisierten Veranstaltungen und Auftritte waren der Beginn einer Entwicklung, die Shalamanda HIFI heute zum ersten österreichischen Soundsystem mit einer eigenen Anlage und einem klaren Fokus, nämlich die Nachricht von Liebe, Frieden und Freundschaft durch Reggae Musik zu verbreiten, gemacht hat.

Verstärkt wird diese Botschaft durch den handgefertigtem, meterhohem Boxenturm, dessen Bässe den ganzen Körper in meditative Schwingungen versetzen.

Musikalisch kann Shalamanda HIFI ganz eindeutig eingeordnet werden: Roots Reggae & Culture, von raren Produktionen aus dem Jamaika der 60er und 70er bis zu aktuellen Dub Kreationen aus der ganzen Welt. Durch die Liebe zur Musik und zur Kultur ist jede Session ein besonders authentisches Erlebnis für Körper, Geist und Seele.

Ihr größtes Projekt ist das mittlerweile zum dritten Mal stattfindende Rise & Shine Festival, welches auch über die Grenzen Österreichs für breite Aufmerksamkeit gesorgt hat. Ebenso sind sie die Veranstalter und Gründer des einzigen regelmäßigen Dub Clubs Österreichs, des Dubquake Vienna, auf welchem sich schon einige der größten Sounds, Producer und Sänger (King Shiloh, Disciples, Channeln One, Bush Chemists, Dandelion, Slimmah, Danny Red, Prince Livijah) dieses Genres die Ehre gaben.

Zu den größten musikalischen Erfolgen zählen Auftritte am: Seasplash Festi- val (CRO), Rototom Sunsplash (ESP), Dub Academy (GER) und in vielen anderen lokalen und internationalen Locations und Festivals.
Bis die ersten Eigenproduktionen erscheinen ist es nur mehr eine Frage der Zeit, da im Studio auch schon fleißig am hauseigenen Shalamanda Vibe gebastelt wird!

The wait is over! After various Mixtape- and EP-Releases, numerous prominent collaborations and literally hundreds of gigs all over Austria, Germany and Europe, Kinetical is about to drop his first official solo LP "Kineticore". For his debut piece, consisting of 18 full-length tracks plus skits, the MC and singer kept it all in the (musical) family: long time collaborators Fireclath Productions, based in his small hometown Linz, took care of the production duties, with all beats produced by Ruffian Rugged a.k.a Def Ill, widely known as a phenomenon in the underground Hip Hop and Dancehall Sound System scenes. Together they took their time to develope a unique style of production, drawing influences from Dancehall, Hip Hop and electronic Bass Music genres such as Trap and Grime. This musical mixture lays the perfect foundation for Kineticals versatile vocal style, rooted in Jamaican patois and ranging from emotional singing to Ragga-inspired boom voice to hi-speed double time Rap parts. Placed on top of Fireclaths dirty basslines, 808 drum patterns and offbeat swagger, the result is pure Sound System Music without borders, sounding fresh and on point in 2016.

After relocating to Berlin last year, Kinetical is hungrier than ever and about to go hard like stone. His lyrics wrap up personal experiences and utopian fantasies about Girls, Ganja and the urban Ravin'-lifestyle in uncountable different styles, flows and tempos. Party like there is no tomorrow: times get ruffer, and so does his music. Whilst moving away from feel good Reggae-chants and clichés, Kinetical gives more personal insight than ever, contrasted by big-mouthed representer lines. Alltogether, every single track on "Kineticore" is radiating the loads of fun he has in his daily routine writing and recording new music.

Versatility isn't just a catch phrase, Kinetical feels comfortable in every genre based on beats and basslines. In years he didn't miss a chance to get his music out to the world, touching Reggae, Dancehall, Dubstep, Drum'n'Bass and more, showing an enthusiasm that gained him a huge fanbase all over the place. The "Red Eye Souljah" was able to attract a worldwide audience with his 2014 released Vibestash mixtape, containing the lead single "Chant Down Babylon", which went viral and counts 114,000+ hits on Youtube at the moment. The online response to freestyle collaborations with UK Jungle-veteran General Levy or French Reggae-sensation Biga*Ranx was even bigger. Recently Kiney was vibing in the studio with Berlins Reggaetronix Illbilly HiTec, who he will support on tour this summer, as well as German-speaking Rap legends Texta & Blumentopf, to contribute a hook to the lead single on their collaborational album.

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