Dub Issues #7

Following an idea of promoting Soundsystem culture, we came to the end of the second season of Dub Issues at Kapu and we invite you to come and join us for a dance. This time will be powered by Stereofreezed Soundsystem form Salzburg represented by DCone, we also have a special guest from far away and for the first time in Austria Mexican Stepper along with Don Oscar from Dub Der Guten Hoffnung from Graz.


Y. Serrano started creating music as a Mexican Stepper back in 2009. Before being the selector of reggae music Mexican Stepper had the need to contribute to the music in general, specifically in a Reggae and Dub genres, but mainly on the Mexican scene.
After a year of intense learning, Mexican Stepper published his first EP and since then he continued his music project with the firm intention of taking the Mexican dub to an international level. He has had the fortune to present his music in different places around the world like Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Chile, Peru, Germany, France, Italy, fortunately with great acceptance Participating in festivals Tawai Dub Fest (BRA), Dub Stone on the River (ITA), Seasplash (HR), Reggae Sun Ska (FR), Jamming (COL) to name a few.
Mexican is back for his 4th tour in Europe and we have the honour to have him for the first time in Austria.


DCone is a DJ & producer from Salzburg, Austria. He is one of the founders of the “Rawting!” club nights and a part of the mighty Stereofreezed Sound System. From broken beats to 4×4 rhythms, from ska-punk to jungle-tekno, from deep basslines to scratchy acid synth lines, DCone likes them all! He plays strictly vinyl and his sets fit in every situation! So, get ready for some funky-punky-reggae-party!


Don Oscar is a Reggae/Dub producer, dubmaster and musician coming from Spain, right now he is based in Austria as a member of Dub Der Guten Hoffnung Soundsystem in Graz, offering his own and exclusive musical productions and projects together with more musicians and singers in a Dub Live format like back in the old days with analog mixing desk and fx’s. His music is a mixture of live and digital sound experience.

STEREOFREEZED SOUNDSYSTEM is an Austrian based DIY Soundsystem from Salzburg promoting Dub, Reggae, Ragga-Jungle, Tek & Bass Music on a handcrafted Wall of Speakers since 2002. So STEREOFREEZED has never been allocated to a certain genre of music because of musical forms of expression are changing but what stays is the Soundsystem and the Message of innovation, openness, tolerance, creativity and sound-quality.
Hence Stereofreezed is fighting against the commodification of the underground music scene and of the entire world. All because

The only good System is a Soundsystem.

Saturday 15.6.19 @ KAPU
DOORS 21:00 – 4:00
ENTRY 7 - 10€
(pay what you can)




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