Doug Hammond Quartet feat. Felix Rossy

The new quartet made its introduction in 2013 with Stéphane Payen (alto sax), Maria Grand (tenor sax) and the great Jon Sass (tuba). It was a dramatic re-introduction of Hammond's compositions which forges a new chapter with creative and exciting results. Now going forward to new heights for 2015, we have added another young player, Felix Rossy, for more poetic ventures into the future. Hammond said this is the first time in over 30 years—since the Steve Coleman and Muneer Abdul Fataah days—that it's again back on track for a chanting in musical ventures.

Maria Grand
Maria Grand is 23 years old and was born in Geneva, where she grew up in a musical family and started playing saxophone at the age of 10. She moved to New York to pursue music at 18 and has been a member of the Doug Hammond Quartet since 2013. She has toured and played with Roman Filiu, Antoine Roney and appears in several of Steve Coleman's projects and on his upcoming large ensemble album in 2015.

Felix Rossy
Felix is 20 years old, started playing and studying trumpet when he was 7 with his father, Jorge Rossy. At the age of 10, he joined his father's quintet, which gave him the chance to play and learn from musicians like Ben Street, Seamus Blake, Mark Turner and many others. Felix has toured around Europe many times and has played at the Jazz Standard and Jazz Gallery in New York City since he was 14.

Jon Sass
Jon Sass is known as a true groove master and to be one of most creative tuba players today. He has played with David Murray, Henry Threadgill, Howard Johnson, Wolfgang Puschnig, The Vienna Art Orchestra, Butch Morris, Erika Stucky, Ray Anderson, James Spaulding, Leon Thomas, Michele Rosewoman, Frank Foster and a many, many more.

Doug Hammond: drums
Maria Grand: tenor saxophone
Felix Rossy: trumpet
Jon Sass: tuba

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