Donnersdub + Special Release Happening "C Jones meets Ale X"

Sweet and wicked Dub/Reggae tunes from across the decades!

presented by the DJs:
Peter Hartwig(MADE IN BABYLON, Puzlicek)
Dubson (Dubtrain, Viennalizmstillspinnin)

Special Release Happening:
C Jones meets Ale X
(Echo Beach)

Live Kalimbas! Vinyl available!

"In respect to Courtney Jones, who passed away during this production, I finalized the production, conscious of the responsibility to keep the vibes authentic and the music well produced, just as Courtney would have loved it." (Ali Tersch aka Ale X)

"A unique blend of steel pan and kalimba music, cooked up in Vienna. They grab reggae flavoured by the roots in their inimitable way and build a varied cocktail of roots, soundscapes, hip hop and dub." [info sheet from distr.]

Cocktail Happy Hour 17 - 21 Uhr
Brighten up your thursday!

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