DJ‘s for Fluc - Streaming - This Weekend!

Hello everybody!

Since our beloved club is closed months ago due corona, and it was getting closer everyday to bankruptcy, we DJs decided to get together playing & streaming our mixes for you,
so we can also support somehow the future of Fluc+Wanne & help spreading its fundraiser. You can also help Fluc by donating here: <<<

You can listen to us on several platforms, such as Twitch, YouTube & Facebook,
so be with us, tune in, turn the volume up, pump up the bass & let’s rave together!
We’re coming this Weekend with a huge line-up & the united colours and power of electronic music!

PAINBRINGER // Mokum, Rave Instinct (NL)
HARDEZ // Enzyme Records
WINGZ // Overview Music
VENENO // Rush Hour, Vienn-A-Tek, Nights Of Hakkuh
5HA5H // Highscore, Wirsindcybo
JUKA // Ananas, Glitzer & Trash
WERED DA FOX // Ananas, Tongräber
SE.VERO // Klub Sir3ne, RAW
ALECID // Hekaton Techno, System A, Hausgemacht
DJ ODD // Klub Sir3ne, RAW
FULLIP // Orion, Deeprog
DJANE HappINES // Euphoria
QUADRILLE // Highscore
ENDSEARCH // Highscore
SARAH ALLEN // Brick Bass
ALEX CAPO // Spinback
WASTED // Highscore
ROMI // Ananas
SCETTA // Shenron
INSOMNIST // Room, Vollkontakt
REPLIC // Switch
GOSH // Rave On Vienna, Highscore

Timetable, stream links & more infos soon …

Stay healthy!

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