DJ Moe inv/ D.J. Klapsalon

Klapsalon is still on a mission his reputation for the body moving soul troubling crowd is thriving throughout the universe, bagged with the scarce ungoogleable records he lays at parties and radioshows. DJ Klapsalon channels his energie through the uncanny selection of scarcities originating from countries such as Cabo Verde, Pakistan, Iran, Ex-communist European countries and many more...

D.J. Klapsalon (Anadolu Ekspres, Midlight Rec. - Rotterdam, NL)


DJ Moe
Matthias Fuchs
DJ Šporadić

Festival Mix for Atlas Electronic (Marokko):

Gran Hotel de l’Univers Resident Operator (Rotterdam):ôtel-de-lunivers-chambre-127-02-w-dj-klapsalon-15th-february-2019/

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