Diversity D&B w/ Synergy

Das ((stereo)) startet ins neue Jahr 2019 mit einer neuen D&B Party Serie Diversity D&B! Altbekannte Gesichter in neuer Formation werden in Zukunft für frischen neuen Sound und Real d&b feeling sorgen!

Zur ersten Party am 19.1. kommt aus Russland im Sturzflug nach Klagenfurt::

S Y N E R G Y (RAM / Viper / Neodigital / Blackout / Eatbrain / Invisible / Methlab // RU) Synergy_music

The dynamic and heavy sound of SYNERGY comes from the intense connection between the refined production duo, formerly known as SEGMENT & CONCEPT VISION. Their releases under their previous moniker on labels such as BLACKOUT and EATBRAIN, quickly earned them an unstoppable wave of respect amongst leading producers and ravers across Europe and Russia. Once they realised the potential of their concept, and recognised the rare communicative bond between them that enabled their rapid flow of ideas, it was decided to consolidate their work under the SYNERGY name. Since that point, SYNERGY have been a consistent and powerful force in the drum & bass landscape, laying out a series of acclaimed solo releases, as well as several high-octane and complex collaborations with leading artists. Their ongoing sequence of EPs on EATBRAIN, to date including the HELION EP, the DARK MACHINE EP, the ABYSS EP, have wrought a fierce breed of havoc on the dancefloor, whilst retaining an intelligent edge. The forward-thinking nature of their concepts has become further prominent in recent time, with their DUSTER collaboration with prominent rising artist, SIGNAL, being of particular note. With additional past releases on NEU (in collaboration with MISANTHROP), RAM, Viper and Trendkill, prominent remixes (including their remix of the seminal 'FONK' from MALUX), in combination with their dedicated and sincere production ethic, SYNERGY have earned their stripes with their work. With future releases incoming on EATBRAIN, BLACKOUT and DIVIDID, in combination with their addition to the unique MethLab Agency roster - the coming year is set to bring an epic step forward for SYNERGY.

Local Support - DIVERSITY D&B Crew:

○ 1835
○ Haptic
○ Phyz Drop
○ Sensive
○ Syntolyx
○ Wastenoize

Damage: €5.-
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