Disorder: Ved Siden Af x Vortex w/ High Future, HLLW & Neri J

Das Werk

1090 Wien, Spittelauer Lände 12, Stadtbahnbogen 331

Sa., 03.10.2020

Corona-Virus: Ab 29. Mai sind Veranstaltungen bis 100 Personen wieder erlaubt. Ab 1. Juli bis 250 Personen, ab 1. August für 500 bis 1.000 Personen. Sicherheitsregeln gelten weiterhin.

Disorder invites Copenhagens notorious Ved Siden Af x Vortex Cph crew!

After having Neri J over last year for one of our best remembered nights, we are more than happy to welcome her back alongside the amazing Vortex/VSA-Gang. Prepare for a night full of rough, spacey, hard hitting and trancey tunes - FAST AND NICE, just how we like it. See u in space, kids!

High Future [Ved Siden Af]
HLLW //LIVE// [Lobster Theremin, Ved Siden Af]
Neri J [Ved Siden Af, Vortex]
+ Disorder Crew

Disorder is an open space for everyone! No homo- or transphobia, no racism, no sexism, no harassment or discriminatory behaviour of any kind. Just be nice. And fast.

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