Danilo Perez Group

Panama 500 is a project that celebrates 500 years of the (re)discovery of the Pacific Ocean through the concept of Global Jazz. The bridge of the Americas (Panama) unifies Danilo Perez's global vision about music.

Bridging north, south, east and west, the discovery of a new ocean by the European imperial crowns, Panama changed the course of humanity ushering in the era of globalization. Danilo’s new compositions recount the different explorations of this new world of water with creative improvisations.

The 500 year journey begins with the discovery of the Pacific Ocean and continues through the celebration of 100 years of the Panama Canal in 2014. This music is timely and timeless. (Pressetext)

Danilo Perez: piano
Ben Street: bass
Adam Cruz: drums
Roni Eytan: violin
Roman Diaz: percussions

Vergangene Termine