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Pioneers of alt hip-hop, Dälek (pronounced “die-a-lek”) features Rapper/Producer MC Dälek, Producer/Live Electronics Mike Manteca, and Turntabilist DJ rEk.

With roots in the mid-90´s DIY scene, Dälek has been delivering ground breaking albums for over 20 years. They have encapsulated fans and critics across all genres, garnering fans and accolades from the Hip-Hop, Electronic, Indie, Metal, Shoegaze, Jazz and experimental communities. After releasing 7 studio albums, numerous collaborations, EP´s, and remixes, they are known for their large body of work and pushing boundaries with every release.

Debut album Negro Necro Nekros´ was released in 1998 on Gern Blandsten, 2002 saw Ipecac Recordings release the game- changingFrom Filthy Tongue of Gods and Griots´ which was followed with 3 more releases on Ipecac Recordings- Absence´ in 2005,Abandoned Language´ in 2007, & `Gutter Tactics´ in 2009.
In 2010, Dälek went on a 5 year hiatus to recoup from a decade of relentless touring, and to focus on new musical projects.

In January of 2015 MC Dälek said he “missed the noise,” and a tour and new single quickly followed.

2016 saw the release of the critically acclaimed `Asphalt for Eden´ on Profound Lore Records, once again showing the music world their constant evolution sonically and lyrically.

“DÄLEK´s take on hip-hop is foreboding and hypnotic in a way that feels unexpected; sure, in the Age of Future, creepy, dark vibes are almost de rigeur, but DÄLEK takes it a step further towards the abyss by incorporating a seething electronic edge—think Einstürzende Neubauten, not Soundcloud.” - Noisey

Support: DJ Cueing

Doors: 20.00
Pre-Sale: 11€ / AK: 14€

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