Czech Beer Night

It is time for another awesome night with delicious Czech beers in Café Lassa.

Brace yourself for free authentic Czech finger food for everyone, with a great selection of Czech beers and Czech music all night long!

Event is open for all Czechs in Vienna and all people interested in Czech culture!

We are looking forward to see you all!

Café Lassa Team and Czech Gerila Shop

Beers for the night:
- Černá Hora Granat Tmavé 12°
- Černá Hora Kvasar 14°
- Nymburk Postřižinské Francinův Ležák 12°
- Nymburk Postřižinské Tmavý Ležák 11°
- Nymburk Postřižinské Něžný Barbar
- Bernard 12°

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