Cut Surface Vol. 2: I 'm a Janitor

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The Boiler + POSTMAN

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The Boiler is the magnified shape, the encased tracing of interwoven energies and materialized surges, the moon’s correspondent on a circled earth. Patterns cleared on repeated grids, loomed taped loops fiber the signals and tellings, transport the transmissions and responses in a re-organized sense - condensating on oxidized fabrics.

⧷⧷⧷ BODY = DEATH ⧷⧷⧷ single release ⧷⧷⧷
Vinylograph + House bring this low edition 1-take recording on the Vinylograph, complete with screenprinted covers. Recorded in December 2017 and winter 2018, a witches weave.

By translating space into minimal pop music, POSTMAN display the rare gift to create versatile roomth, beauty spots flowing one into another. Mobile and flexible structures. Wide-eyed and delirious at times, then again all knowing and mellow they describe the metaphoric void of postmodernism and emerge as lifeguards who improve the world through architecture. Young Concrete Giants!

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