Contemporary Dance Intensive

Gently Acrobatic - 2 Groups.

After the delightful experience of last workshop - time for some very groovy dance moves with a touch of acrobatics - second edition. This time we make 2 groups!

You choose if you want to start at the "Foundation" level or just straight into the beautiful room of challange - aka "Pure Power". We all deserve dance!

This workshop is a live balancing act between technical knowledge exercises and animalistic movements practices. The integration of both leads to freedom of expression. We will dance and, with the gentle acrobatics, we will get to flow, float, and fly!

What is contemporary dance today? Within this and the following series of dance intensives, I want to thoroughly introduce the following concepts:
- Flexible power, powerful flexibility
- Preparatory movement
- Dynamic, soft and strong spine
- Generating energy from the center of the body
- Smooth, clean and healthy movement
- Back & shoulders flexibility
- Introduction to balancing
- Circular motion vs linear motion

I would like to share with you my journey of going through very different movement disciplines to reaching the dancing body of today. I will dedicate big part of the process to aswering your movement questions and suggesting how can we learn better through the practice of self-teaching (our conscious work inbetween workshops).

This workshop is for every true movement passionate: dancers, acrobats, breakdancers, sport and fit people, yoga practicioners, runners, climbers, martial artists...


flowmotion studio
Müllnergasse 23

10:00-12:00 Foundation (begginer-open)
12:00-12:30 Pure Power (intermediate-advanced)


Reservation necessary:
[email protected]


Hygin Delimat - a choreographer, dancer, and movement researcher. Founder of Body Architects Performing Arts Company. He received academic degrees in Movement Research (M.A.) and in Dance Pedagogy (M.A.) from Anton Bruckner University in Linz. As a dancer he performed for various international choreographers including Rose Breuss, Elio Gervasi, Georg Blaschke, Willi Dorner, Robert Clark, Liv O'Donoghue, Juliette Villemin, or Matjaz Faric. He was a holder of the 2013 DanceWEB scholarship. For his choreographic work, he received numerous artistic residencies and presented his pieces in Europe (Aura Dance Theatre Lithuania, architekturforum oberosterreich, Komuna/Warszawa, O Espaco Do Tempo, Trois C-L Luxembourg, etc.), Mexico and Uganda. He was awarded scholarships and multiple touring fundings from BKA Austria. He recently won the 2018 Ciało/Umysł Mixed Styles Dance Battle in Warsaw. In his movement research, Hygin integrates approaches and philosophies of somatic methods, and urban dance styles.


About the Movement

Body Architects Method is an eclectic movement art – rather than originating from one base movement discipline, it combines a variety of sources, offering very distilled and curated knowledge. The initiators of the method are graduated movement educators and have broad experience in contemporary dance, breakdancing, tricking, contact improvisation, floor acrobatics, calisthenics, yoga. Rather than becoming dogmatic about one specific movement art, we believe in connecting information and creating the contemporary – perfectly mobile body, compatible with all already existing movement disciplines.

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