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We, Dispositionen (music group) deal with the question of identity and try to reflect through music. We talk about toxic maculinity, white privilege, capitalism and queerness - among others.

DJ (Techno, Industrial, Acid)
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Mataya Waldenberg:
Mataya Waldenberg is an entity born into human form in 1994 and currently based in Vienna, Austria. Having graduated in Experimental Arts from the University of Art and Design Linz, they act as an interdisciplinary performance artist.
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Graphics/ DJ

Another theater group that doesn’t need it and that probably plays a good play.

Many people are dependent to varying degrees on getting money for their work. However, we are in favour of free access to our event without a fixed admission fee. If we don’t get money in the art and culture sector, the prevailing power relations reproduce themselves, in which only privileged people have enough time and resources to provide for culture. We see fair payment for all as a strategy against the capitalist imbalance.

We don’t want to hand over the responsibility for this to the audience, but we are interested in raising an awareness for cultural work. In addition to payment, we also have costs for rehearsal rooms, costumes, make-up, equipment, transportation, graphics, location, technical equipment, etc.

Although we come from different corners and styles, we want to join forces to strengthen our work as artists. Often we are overcome with self-doubt, many feel isolated and alone, therefore it is important to be there for each other now. Send a signal to them too!

Einlass: 20.00
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