Common Contact 1 Year Anniversary

We celebrate 1 year of Common Contact at the EKH on November 23rd.

Line Up in reverse Alphabetical Order:

Zion Flex (LIVE)
Tony Renaissance (LIVE)
Therese Terror (BLISS)
Inou Ki Endo (Struma + Iodine)
In My Talons (AMEN) (LIVE)
Gooddroid (Loveless Records)
Gauna (Ventil Records)
Flower Crime
DJ Warzone
DJ Hauswein (Common Contact)
Deli Girls (Sweat Equity) (LIVE)

Doors at 22:00
Eintritt: Freie Spende with proceeds going to the non-profit of our choice: Flucht nach Vorn

Zion Flex. "With a style that draws on her many musical influences – from jazz, soul and black spiritual songs to trip hop, folk and classical – combined with a pretty unique aesthetic and a seemingly relentless work ethic, she really has what is necessary to stand out from the creative cluster that seems to be nearing saturation point at the moment. Her spoken word poetics and spellbinding singing voice merge with nu-jazz-neo-soul-hip-hop melodies, to create a listening experience that you’re left in your mind long after the music stops." - STYLE 43, UK

"A female Tricky" - Sian Evans, Kosheen

"Zion Flex - Smooth, sultry vocal flowing straight from the heart drift above swirling guitars, representing true soul with hypnotic effect" SOUL CLASH, UK

Tony Renaissance

Cathartic electronic landscapes, imagining alternative realities, manifesting desires, anxieties, vulnerability, fury, radical softness, resistances.

One of dads at The Future Vienna.

Therese Terror is a Vienna based DJ, musician, promoter and businessman. Her DJ sets take in a wide range of styles from techno, driving acid and leftfield electronica to pop anthems, always maintaining a great sensibility for the dancefloor. This makes her a very versatile DJ, equally suited for an open-air sundowner set as well as for peak time at a dark techno club. She co-organizes BLISS and joined the Hyperreality Festival team in 2018. Further she has been invited to take charge of the 2018 edition of the Viennese festival Electric Spring and co-curates Vienna's Rrrriot Festival, providing a platform for feminist perspectives.

Inou Ki Endo
With a preference for infernal and cerebral sounds, obscure dilettantes and professional borderliners alike, Inou Ki Endo’s interest lies in noise and sounds beyond the mainstream. Shilla Strelka hosts the concert series Struma+Iodine and curates the Unsafe+Sounds Festival.

In My Talons
In My Talons, the project of Vienna-based artist Florian Pfaffenberger, creates a progressive club sound that reflects the restless click-logic of the present, which blinds out histories and contexts, but has no fear to express deep emotion. Samples from very different sources collide with each other and charge the music with an electrifying tension. Gregorian hymns meet Beyonce, rattling metal clashes against pop refrains, brutal grime bass rubs against bewitching synth melodies. A delicate balance of fusion and disintegration.

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY and raised in Miami, Adrianna “Gooddroid” Moschides is no stranger to the behemoth that is Bass music. DJ’ing for over 12 years, her name has become synonymous with all things Bass, as she shared the decks with countless heavy hitters; Vjuan Allure, MikeQ, Dj Deeon, Jacques Greene, FaltyDL, and the Black Madonna, just to name a few.

Gooddroid’s sound is far from simple, and almost instantly recognizable. Her mixes exemplify great range, often incorporating complexity, while always maintaining the groove. From incredible track selection to impeccable mixing, she never ceases to impress crowds.

It’s only fitting she is now the president of Loveless Records, providing worldwide releases tailored to genre bending Bass music, techno and house. Loveless has been featured on XLR8R, FACT, DJ Mag, Mixmag and Earmilk, among others, and continues to build momentum; also starting a new club music sublabel, Materia, in the beginning of 2017. Gooddroid is also the host of Loveless , a monthly radio show on The Lot Radio.

Gooddroid also hosts the longest running Vogue night in Miami with her partner Bonnie Beats giving the ballroom community a place to shine and win cash for their talents while also introducing the mostly underground scene to the general public. Catwalk has received critical claim and mainstream success, and was voted Best Monthly Party in Miami by the Miami New Times.

She holds several residencies in Brooklyn and Miami and has toured nationally and internationally.

Vienna-based DJ and producer supergirl FAUNA a.k.a. Gauna is a true living legend in Austria. Her DJ sets are well known for mindblowing out-of-body experiences. Her sound takes place somewhere between avant-garde bass, rap and oldschool trance.
Fauna also released her second album „INFERNUM“ in May 2018 on Ventil Records.

Flower Crime
Hunting heaven and hell, not reading between the lines. FFM/VIE/IBZ

DJ Warzone
a.k.a. Cihad Johnson a.k.a. the great Deniz Altun—embodies pure punk, metal, gabber, love, and ghetto underground. There is a side in his productions, where all these influences from music and arts come together: in the soundscapes of his post-industrial techno compositions These are pieces full of texture and grain, filled with layers of sound that move between the borders of dark wave and experimental avant-garde interspersed here and there with punk nostalgia and Detroit futurism. Regardless of the equipment he is using—drummachines, a laptop or even a smartphone hardware, computer, even smartphone—DJ Warzone likes to take risks in order to offer a great full-on body experience.

DJ Hauswein
a.k.a. VITAMIN Z a.k.a. BADMON ZZ a.k.a. Zxhrx Khxn – is Zahra Khan, an Irish/Pakistani artist and DJ based in Vienna. She’s the promoter of the Common Contact events and a founding member of the I've Got My Period collective. Musically, her roots are deeply embedded in hip hop culture, but she’s also embraced current and emerging club genres as the years have gone by. Hauswein avidly follows the evolution of and movements within these forms on virtual platforms such as Soundcloud as well as on location wherever the action happens. When she steps up you can expect boundary-pushing, hip-thrusting, smut-spitting sounds that slap.

Deli Girls
NYC Noise Punk Duo
Danny Orlowski (they/them)
Tommi Kelly (he)

Deli Girls put on one of the most jaw-dropping noise sets in the city, weaving jagged numbers together with stiff precision. The producer Tommi Kelly takes a knee behind knobby keyboards and guitar pedals spread across the floor, mashing up drum sounds like he’s tending a small garden; the vocalist Danielle Orlowski is all sneering energy, landing somewhere between rap and hardcore with each bark. On Bandcamp, you can click through a self-titled EP or an album, “Evidence”; both projects are dizzying visions of noisy club-punk that feels like the kind of material Kanye West would’ve seized upon back when he was wearing all black. — The New Yorker

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