CoH (Editions Mego, Raster-Noton) / Bocksrucker

COH (Editions Mego, Raster Noton, RU)

COH pronounced “son”, is the musical alias of Ivan Pavlov (Иван Павлов). Pavlov was born in Russia and trained as an acoustic engineer when serving in the Russian Navy. Today he lives in Sweden working as a freelance programmer. The moniker COH, which can be read in Cyrillic as well as in Latin means ‘”sleep” or “dream” in Russian, and is an indication of his enduring ties with the Russian avant-garde.

He has worked with Coil as well as Annie Anxiety, Richard Chartier, and Cosey Fanni Tutti. Side projects include oxy and SoiSong (a band with ex-Coil member Peter Christopherson). His early as well as current works were released on raster-noton, and Pavlov also runs his own label, wavetrap.



Vienna's Florian Bocksrucker seems to have a thing for the occult. His debut, last year's Tarot EP, featured ravens and a horned skull on the cover. The follow-up, on the insurgent local label Neubau, is called the SixSixSix EP and has a devilish set of track titles to match. That's not all—the EP's three tracks are built around samples from Ken Russell's The Devils, a 1971 film about a 17th-century catholic priest who was executed for witchcraft. Graphic and transgressive, the film was banned in several countries and heavily censored in others (the unedited "Rape Of Christ" scene was only rediscovered in the '00s). Bocksrucker uses it to add a pinch of devilish drama to his post-punk techno dirges.


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