Cocktail After Work for Singles (31-45 years)

What´s better than having some cocktails after a full day of work?

A dating evening where you can try some drinks while meeting other singles through mix and mingle games.

How does it work?
Guests sample together three cocktails, while meeting up to 25 guests of the opposite sex.
But don´t expect just a speed-dating with a cocktail in your hand! This event is more like a group dating, where everybody can meet everybody in a 50/50 gender split in a relaxed atmosphere. The program will, though, give you the chance to have contact with the majority of people who are attending the event if you wish. This will happen through some mix and mingle games and techniques conducted by us.
This is not an event with drinking games. We offer a structure where outgoing or shy people can hang on and enjoy. Nobody wants to have a boring date so every game has a meaning and the purpose to make hearts beat faster, speed up closeness to other strangers and loosen up a little. All of this respecting your own comfort zone. By having that, even if you don´t find „the one“ (or don´t want to), you can always go home having gained something: enjoyment, beautiful moments and new learnings for other „real life“ spontaneous interactions. We operate with even numbers of places for males and females therefore previous registration is always mandatory.
Once the program is over, with whom and how much do you want to socialize it´s up to you.
And, just to make your night event better, we also offer a „matching“ sheet as an option. Through it, when there´s a mutual interested, both guests are informed in a post event e-mail. Many matches are possible in one event.

Who is it for?
It's for people aged between 31 and 45, who want to meet other like-minded humans in person. You don't need to be a particular sort of person. The program is though more suitable for those who are eager and open to experience something new.

What is the language of this event?
Hosts will conduct the event in easy-going English.

What does the ticket include?
Your ticket includes three cocktail tastings and the entertainment program.

Program - Cocktail After Work
18:30 – Registration
19:00 – Cocktail Tasting and mix & mingle games to loosen up
21:00 – Program ends, venue stays open for socializing

Who are we?
More effective than Tinder, more relaxed than Speed Dating and more authentic than pick up lines. That is Slow Dating Vienna!
We’re putting a modern twist to traditional dating by providing singles with stimulating themed events that not only seek to connect singles together, but also provides unique experiences to enliven personal self-awareness and socializing.

Behind the name
Slow dating means the art of enjoying real life moments of human connection. It can last minutes or lead to long lasting friendships, fun or love.
When something in our lives is good enough, we shall not kick it with a fast move as we do in our every-day lives rushing from one thing into the next. Special feelings and connections between people develop when we are able to put our phones away, pay real attention into people and surroundings, taking some time to absorb moments in a mindful way.
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