ClubStandard w/ Kornél Kovács

◼ Kornél Kovács ◼
Studio Barnhus // Unknown to the Unknown // Numbers

Born 1985 in Stockholm to Hungarian parents, Kornél Kovács' perambulations in music began early and have continued at pace ever since. Raised on that classic, enviable diet of “proper” music training plus parents with killer music taste, Kovács' daytime lessons were given texture at night as everything from Kraftwerk and Art Of Noise to King Tubby and Boogie Down Productions wafted through the house.

Kornél has now cemented his position as one of the most prominent producers and DJs around. In 2017 he’s played nearly every corner of the world, including his first Australian tour, shows at Berlin’s Panorama Bar and New York’s Good Room, a main stage slot at Dekmantel's first Brazilian edition and festival stages in the UK and all around Europe.

Kornéls Boiler Room Valencia =>
Kornéls Boiler Room Melbourne =>
Kornél in The Lab LDN =>

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damage: 0€ < 22h > 7€ > 00h <10€
coat check upstairs
happy hour: < 23:00h
respect the disco-law (no sexism/racism/homophobia)
respect privacy: no photos/flashlight @ dancefloor
age: 18+ w/ ID

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