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Castlewoods (Sweden)

Meta Nights proudly presents a concert of Castlewoods (Sweden) in Vienna on 16.12!
With Nordic Indie melodies and luscious, howling, folky harmonies they lure you into the enchanted woods. Castlewoods creates Indie/folk music with deep roots. They whisper softly in your ear and make you shiver.
Castlewoods is already won some popularity in Sweden and since then they’ve had several musical trips and gigs in Sweden, India and Germany. The band is right now on their European Tour. Next week they will perform in Vienna for the first time. You are all welcome to experience the special atmosphere of Swedish music.

Bonus: in the frames of Meta Nights the concert will be followed by a short film of Julia Grauberger, a film and animation director originally coming from Russia. "My miraculous nightmare" is researching her hometown St. Petersburg in connection with her own identity.

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