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Carlton Melton / Ryte

Ultraviolence Records proudly presents Carlton Melton & RYTE!

Carlton Melton (band page)
USA | Psychedelic Rock
While Carlton Melton’s sound is heavily inspired by psychedelic music, it is equal parts, blues, rock, improvisation and drone. Whether the band is hanging on a well-defined riff reminiscent of Led Zeppelin or Joe Walsh or largely abandoning conventional music structure à la Spacemen 3 and Bardo Pond, Carlton Melton uses layers, textures and repetition to create music that makes full use of the spaces in between notes and chord changes … sonic explorations if you will. The music that Carlton Melton makes is bold and does not hesitate to “go there” just to see what the heck might be still left out there in the world of unexplored improvisational and psychedelic music. And there is a lot of ground left to explore and cover.

Vienna | Heavy Psych | Acid Rock
New heavy psych band with members of Pastor! This is a comment on their rehearsal recording on bandcamp:
"Incredible, mind melting psychedelic goodness. If this is really just a rehearsal, Earthless better watch its back!"

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