Brutalists pres. Lag x Filip Xavi

Lag ( Mord )
A promoter of the underground culture, a DJ and a respected producer - Serbian-born Lag is the on the forefront of the new wave of techno artists. "He follows it up with his first EP named “Stutter”, a highly acclaimed release which came out on the notoriously uncompromising Singularity Recordings, and his latest output, a 12” release on MORD Records named “Misfit EP”, underlines the quality and uniqueness of his already recognizable sound.

Filip Xavi ( Drugstore Belgrade )
is recognized as one of the pillars of the local Belgrade techno scene over the past decade. As a rebel against genre confinements he was always attracted to the timeless techno archetype. Since 2013 he holds a residency at Drug§tore Belgrade. Filip is taking the audience into uncharted territories of sounds and space, where brutalist atmospheres reign supreme.

Nino Sebelich ( Brutalists )
always surprises with his sets, confident to show skills in turntablism. He plays mainly Vinyl, up to 4 decks. Šebelić also performs Live with a hardware & computer setup and currently works on upcoming releases.

Grace Schella ( Brutalists )
is a Vienna based DJ and known for her dynamic vinyl sets which can span over various genres. She is respected for gliding through her varied selection with a true sense of dedication to the craft.

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