Boicut solo show - The Shape of Things

BOICUT nimmt seine aktuelle Solo Show "THE SHAPE OF THINGS" zum Anlass, sich mit Visionen aus jung bzw jung gebliebenen Köpfen auseinanderzusetzen. Ihm ist es wichtig,dem Kind in einem eine Stimme zu geben. Lässt man diese Verstummen, hat man verloren.

With this solo show "THE SHAPE OF THINGS", BOICUT takes it upon himself to examine visions of the young and young-minded. It's important for the artist to give ones inner child a voice - if it were to fall silent, something would fade away.
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Boicut is a young aspiring artist living & working in Vienna. His work is very illustrative combining impulsive lines with a fresh colorway. Based on a concept his main goal is to reach the perfect balance between the different shapes. To this date his work was shown in Berlin, London, Miami, Luxembourg, Munich and of course Vienna and he has worked with brands like Nitro Snowboards, Absolut, Jameson, Remington, Vans, Paul Frank, Levis, KangaRoos, Hennessy, Samsung, Converse…


Spining some tunes for us from 8 until 11 we have Olinclusive!!!!

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